Friday, December 14, 2012

The Government

I think we really need to stop trusting in the government and start relying on ourselves more. Everybody is on welfare now and everyone is just being babied b the government. We could very much be mindless to them controlling us. This country was founded so recently compared to most countries and we had to find of the largest superpower in the world at that (other than China). We didn't have a military and we barley had a government so we banded together and fought off the enemy. Now we have this great big military that we think is so perfect and we get lazy and just rely on the government that they'll protect us but now we have all these guys shooting up schools. Now I'm not saying that anything is going to happen but will get that bad if we're not prepared to take matters into our own hands.
What do you think?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You are not your brain

disclaimer: these are just my thoughts on things, I am not claiming to be anybody but some guy on the internet

So I've been thinking about our bodies and the way they work. So there are two types of organisms: multicellular and and single cellular. Bacteria and stuff is single cellular.

Now with this fact we can determine that our bodies are nothing but a large mass of single cellular organisms fuzing together to form one organism united.

So we as humans are composed of our bodies, our survival instinct (some might call this a soul) which takes care of us and controls our bodies, and our higher thinking (some might call this a spirit or conscience) which guides us and makes us who we are. This higher thinking could be summed up as our ability to control our bodies, think, and make decisions.

I could probably go far out on some spiritual stuff but I'm trying to stay on topic for this one.

So we have our body which is a composition of cells forming together to make your skin, your eyes, your hair, your heart, your brain, your muscles. And then we have your higher thinking which is call the shots.

Now we know that the brain connects itself to the body at the spinal column. So since the spinal column is so useful to the brain in connecting it to the body that it could be considered the the spinal column is loosely a part of the brain.  So the spinal column connects to the rest of the body by a system of nerves connecting throughout the body using electricity to communicate to itself.

Your nerves are what transfers information from your hand, eye, nose, heart, everything and send it all to your brain with electricity to be interpreted into physical and psychological feeling.

So our bodies are pretty advanced in theory. Our little tiny cells are coming together for some reason and forming this evolved being, this giant among single celled organisms. Our cells are generating electricity like a generator. It powers our feeling, our movement, the beating of our heart and it is this electricity which is keeping us alive physically.

So now we can see the picture that we are this mass of cells fuzed together, talking to itself and staying alive. Now if the same little cells are forming together to make up my hand then it's the same cells that are forming my brain and it's my brain that is controlling my body.

How crazy would it be to consider that we have more control over our body determined on how we think? In our brain, we are communication with the rest of the body through electricity but what if we imagined that each part of the body, being formed by the same cells, has it's own sort of brain that thinks and feels but just not as smart as our brains because it has the higher thinking (soul?) which is learning, thinking, evolving.

So if our brain is in charge and if it can communicate through the body with nerves and the nerves and the brain and the rest of the body is all made up of the same cells then could we just say that maybe the brain is in charge of more than just what we think.
When we hurt ourselves our bodies go straight to work to fix itself. I'm not telling the grease burns on my hand to heal but it's still happening. And this type of thing is controlled by our bodies.
My skin is collecting the nutrients it needs to scab over, form a new layer of skin and push the old damaged skin to the outer layers to die and fall off.

Even when you think of it like that, our bodies are constantly being renewed, new skin is being created as we speak and the old layers are dying. Our hair, our nails, everything is being renewed. As we age our cells start to low down in the renewing process which is what aging is (our body slowly dying).

My brain is thinking and my cells are thinking and they are getting work done. So since my cells seem to have some sort of brain which can tell it to process nutrients and repair itself and I am a multicellular organism forming one large organism then my brain must be the brain that my cells are forming up to create the brain of any organism (be that single or multicellular) but this brain (like a brain of a single celled organism) is in charge of show.

This is where things start to get trippy...

When a single-celled organism gets hurt, it's "brain" or whatever is in charge of it is causing it to heal itself (or whatever). Now if our brain is what is in charge of an entire body of cells then what is preventing it from having more control over itself? Potential, it can be argued that our brains could allow us to be, dare I say, super-human? But why can't we control bodies the way we want to?

Well this would go back to the three things that make us up, our body, our survival instinct, and our higher thinking. Now for the sake of argument, lets say that our individual cells don't have this higher thinking? Or maybe the higher thinking isn't just our brain but our entire body of cells communicating with each other forming a super brain, an entire matrix of brains working together to form one brain throughout (or whatever)?

Now, when we want to control our cells then what do we need to do? If higher thinking is what's really calling the shots then we need to get control of our higher thinking and tape into our survival instinct to maybe heal faster, or be able to remember things, just daily tasks our bodies do with out us thinking about it but only us doing in a faster and efficient way. But how would we do that?

I feel that our emotions are tied in with our higher thinking. Emotions can control our mood, our way of thinking, even the way we physically feel. So maybe emotions are a tool for us to use to trick our brain into being more productive. And in effect our entire bodies to be more productive.

Now we can sit down and start picking this apart and comparing it to the Law of Attraction which it would make an excellent scientific explanation. Whether you do believe in that sort of thing or not you cannot deny that when you feel good things just run a little bit smoother...

Now before anybody starts nit picking about atheist science or anything this idea could easily be used to explain our Soul. Our higher thinking is sort of a mystery when you think about it. We have the ability to ponder things, remember sights, sounds, tastes. And we can choose between right and wrong (or the idea of right and wrong). We could say that yes we are a multicellular organism composed of just little specks of cells built together. The Christian Bible describes us as being formed out of the dust. The Bible used many analogies and 6,000 years ago no body would have ever have understood the idea of being made up of microscopic cells. Maybe God just said dust so he wouldn't have to describe science to his stupid kids.
And our Soul is of a Spiritual world and it could be argued that our soul is what is giving us our life and is the higher thinking controlling an otherwise savage and uninteresting organism.

Now if you want gripe about Jesus stuff then whatever. There are obviously two different trains of thought and there are a good amount of people on both sides so it would be idiotic not give both trains of thought a good look and its fare share of respect.

Now I am not an expert...
       I am not a Psychology student...
                I am just a guy who thinks too ponders too much.

Also, I'm not sure if I made any typing or grammar mistakes in this, too lazy to give it a once over.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nobody likes Bono?

You know what's the sexiest thing in the whole world? Girls with accents... (not Southern accents)

But European girls, Russian girls, Latin girls, Canadian girls (my favorite). Those foreign treasures we hold so close to our hearts. You know everybody loves Sheila back in Australia but in America they are looked up to ass Goddesses. That's why all those british actresses come over to America! They just love being worshipped over more than everyone else.

I bet in his home country nobody likes Bono.. I don't blame them... I don't like him either. Maybe nobody likes Kiera Knightly. What if in England she was ugly? What if no one likes Justin Beiber or Sofi'e Vergara? But in America we just eat these people up!

We worship our foreign friends, why? Maybe they're a taste of the unknown? A forbidden fruit we must have? Or maybe we just think they sound funny?

All in all... I love foreign women.

P.S. No offense meant Bono.

People are fighting

That awkward moment when people are fighting in front of us.

That just sucks doesn't it? They're yelling about shit you don't know/give a fuck about and you have no choice but to sit there and take it. God, that is the balls.

And then there's when they bring the fight away with them and then bitch about it to you. That's almost just as bad because then you have to act! You are forced to take a side which you will determine based on how much you like this person =>

(too little, you don't care about this person so it's okay if you're an asshole, you know this person too well, like your parents and you don't want to disappoint them by having a different opinion on something or if you just don't give a shit what your parents think of you then you just take a radical far left side you know they hate just to fuck with them, and then the your pals and you don't want to be too different from them so you sort of hold back before you pounce).

then you have to put on your show and act like you're on their side when you might not really give a shit.

But then there's those people who actually do care way to much! These are those people are totally on your side no matter what you say and they want to help you win this argument like women who are into she-power and shit (which is annoying as hell by the way) and they just help out their female friends fight their ex husbands. But unlike in men when a bro comes with you looking for help in a fight, those guys who are just totally behind and ready to kick ass are either your super close bros or just guys who really like fighting.
Their mindset:

         Bro Thinking:

"What? A fight! I really don't know this guy or really like all that much either but I've been wanting to kick all day so I'm in!"

So yeah, back to the subject.
     People fighting and then bringing it up all the time. What's really happening is probably just we are experiencing suppressed fears that we pent up when our parents (or whomever) fought around us when we were kids. Sort of messed up if you sit and think about it for a while but yeah... I guess those are my thoughts on that.


Those guys who walk around and talk about apple shit... whenever they can.

Yeah... we know. I'm an iPerson. I have my Mac... My next computer will be a Mac... and my second computer will be a Mac. (second computer meaning I'm going to have two computers because that's just what I truly need next).

But yeah, I know what I am. I'm one of those guys who will bitch about apple shit whenever I can. I've tried to cut it down but this is really the shit guys. And I know how you feel, we're assholes but at least we've got cool shit...


People are such bitches about things. Like old people and technology! There is no reason for my Mom wanting to do accounting on paper other than using Tax Software! I have to convince my parents to get new technology all the time.
This is simply just a new idea that works. They are people who are so used to the way things were that the forgot to adapt, to evolve. 
So all those assholes walking around with iPhones are actually just the evolved ones while we're srill playing with our Casios. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Those GUYS!!!

Do you know any of those people who just fucking love you for no reason, they just can't stand but to love you so much. But these people never want to hang out with you, you see them and it's almost as if all they want to to greet you and then leave but then they pull that lovey shit and you just get into so much. I do not care what they think of me but I love them no matter what! They my bros for just every now and then. Like for that one class you have alone so you pair up with whoever you can. Or a new job that you suck at. All the same!